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Monthly Archives: April 2008

It’s my birthday today! April 27th

So since it’s my birthday I thought I write a blog post to keep anyone who comes across this blog updated. I just want to say it seems i don’t have much time to put some serious effort into this project at this time. School is kicking my butt and same with my job. I am taking the last programming class (Java 143) offered at my school Shoreline Community College, and its a hard class. I think i am beginning to not like programming very much as it’s detailed work and mind boggling at times. And its all in a little computer – you don’t actually see your work in the physical world, its all virtual. That kind of drives me crazy. But i know if i get though this then I can do some creative stuff with my knowledge. If i complete this class, i well go to UW Bothel and go through their Computer Sience program. I think I want to get into game development (as it’s seems to be a very lucrative , but im not sure if i want to be the guy who builds the engine to run the game or be the person who adds  3D models and so forth. Anyways I should get back to work on homework and stop messing around. I promise though. After this quarter ends I will go full force on this little idea. I will only be taking one class over summer (a Calculus class) so I should have allot more time to work on this. So summer is when the real magic will begin!


Peace and thanks for stopping by.


Well, I tried installing the scenery that I have already built into the DEFAULT build of fsx. And I am afraid to say that it DOES NOT LOOK GOOD. It looks like inorder to play this mission you might have to purchace Magascenery. The terrain in the default fsx is totally different then that when you install Magascenery x. There are a whole bunch of ground polygons covering the custom scenery. When I look at the layout of the land in default fsx, it seems silly to try and make the scenery display properly. It would be a waist of time because the default terrain is extremely hilly – random bumps all over and just looks plain ugly.  What to do about the problem? Well there is not much I can do. I am just going to continue to place scenery on top of Magascenery for now. At some point down the road I might look into finding away to create my own satellite covered area (I messed with it before in fs2004). But I am pretty sure it’s going to be hard because from what I heard you have to purchase the satellite/ aerial photography imagery before you can redistribute it. And I would also have to find new terrain data – and figure out how that all works. Perhaps if this mission turns out to be anything special, I will work on trying to change terrain data. If you have any ideas or suggestions to help with this problem, please let me know.  

house ingameWell. I spent some more time making a house tonight! I started out by making a big house early this week, but it didn’t quite work out. Unwrapping the textures was really difficult and looked bad. So today I just made a simple house, which actually turned out pretty cool. The windows use a separate texture and I added some reflection to them. The effect is awesome! A lot better then the default houses I must say. I think I will just use the same house over and over but create different textures so they look different. I am also going to create a couple more simple houses to spice up the variety. A Californian looking house is next – with clay colored tiles for the roof texture.

Hello all!,

This is my first blog post ever! As you have probably seen, my name is Joey Sipos, and I have decided to embark on a great journey of trying to design a mission for the awesome game flight simulator. I have been messing around with the fsx SDK for quite some time – about 2 years I would say. Mostly creating little 3d models for the game. And I have taken a look at the mission creation tool and did some little projects here and there.  I have no idea what to call this mission – for now I am going to call it “mission impossible” because it sounds cool and is also a good name for the development process – It’s going to be almost impossible to complete development given the complexity of my idea. The idea for this mission is built into my head and i am writing this post to lay a foundation for my plan. And also to get support and ideas from others.


As when I expect to have the mission done? Probably some time near the end of summer 2008 considering how much free time I have. I am in school and I have a bunch of other programming projects to complete as well, so time is limited. Ok, so let’s get to my Idea shale we:


1st – The Idea:

So this is my idea for the mission. It is going to take place on the beach near LA, California. I chose this place because of the sweet scenery. I am using MegaScenery Southern California and the effect of satellite imagery is incredible (Update: You Will not need MagaScenery now – I’ve created my own satellite imagery). Take a look at my fsx Accelertion video below (the video that some how got over 100,000 veiws on youtube?) – where I am flying the red helicopter is where the mission is taking place. The 3D models and so forth are going to lie on top of this beautiful scenery. The mission is going to consist of a Police helicopter chasing down a runaway criminal driving a blue sports car on a highway alongside the beach. Your objective is to keep on the sports car tail until he is caught!


2nd – The 3D Models (my deadline to complete models – by end of June)

My goal is to create many custom models for the game. I am using gmax to create the models, which is a free and powerful tool. Some of the models are going to include cars, trees, houses, bridges, ect… I already have the blue sports car finished, along with the road and a couple palm trees. Note – the palm trees sway in the wind when the helicopter gets close to them! Next on my list is creating buildings and houses. I will probably make a blog post showing you the progress of the houses and buildings when I get down too work on them. The cop cars are also on my next to do list. I will keep adding scenery until the game starts slowing down performance wise. So far there is no noticeable hit in frames per second. Most of the models have LOD’s built into them to lower the polygon count and give the computer a little break.


3rd – Putting the mission all together

This is probably going to take the longest time to complete. But I should have time over summer to do it. I know I will run into all kinds of obstacles. I will be using the mission/ scenery editor that came with the fsx sdk to put the mission together and from what I have experience so far with the editor is that it is very tricky to use and unreliable. But I should be able to debug my way through it. I also plan on adding my own music to the mission. I recently bought an electric piano and found a way to hook it up to the computer via MIDI ports. I am using ACID studio to edit the music – which is like garage band for pc.     


4th – Release the mission for FREE

I plan to release the mission probably by the end of September considering if I stick with my plan or not. I will upload the mission to FS sites like and will make it free. I will try to make an awesome trailer video – possibly with my own music as well to avoid all the copy write stuff.  I might add a donation page if I think my work is worthy of money. We shall see.


5th – Please motivate me

Most of all, I need people to motivate me. I will feel like working on this project a lot more if I see people are interested in my efforts. So please if you are reading this – give me suggestions or comments so that I will keep me moving forward. I can do great things if I stay focused and people believe in me! I thank you again for all that visited and God bless!


Note – if you have any ideas for the title of the mission, let me know in the comments.