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Alright, I have some very good news to offer. I have successfully created my own custom mesh / terrain data. It took me a while but after lots of trial and error I did it. So what this means is you will no longer need MagaScenery for it to work. What I did was download some raw elevation data, then believe it or not I custom edited it! Using a program called Global Mapper I flattened the whole length of highway 1 to 5 meters in elevation. This is going to be very useful because when time comes to have moving traffic on the highway, the vehicles won’t end up going up and down all over the terrain like crazy cars. I can tell you the effect is awesome and the mesh is great! And after doing some flying I got a vision of how sweet this scenery could look – possibly revolutionary (Note: that might be a far fetched statement). I am working on adding satellite imagery as well and it should come with the mission. If I get the satellite imagery working I will add some screen shots!  If you want more detail how I created the new mesh check out this link to my post on And a big thanks to Lance who helped me greatly! He’s from Southern California Ironically as well.


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