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Gosh, adding the aerial imagery was harder then I though it was going to be. Obtaining the imagery was hard enough yet figuring out how to get it into fsx. But I did it! The hardest thing was getting the fsx water to display. I had to create two separate textures for each aerial texture. One was for the watermask and the other for the blendmask so the water color would fade into the fsx water. After allot of help from I got it working. The aerial imagery only covers a very small section of land, its a strip of land that covers a good section of coast line – about 4 miles. I don’t want to add anymore because the download size would be ridiculous. The aerial imagery already is at 800mb – that is already going to be a huge download. But the imagery is very high resolution. A lot higher the megascenery. And looks stunning. Over summer I will begin mission development and try to add extremely realistic custom scenery over the imagery, so it will be like a low level flying experience you have never experienced before! Here is one shot of the new aerial imagery:






One Comment

  1. Great work!
    Mind sharing a few tips of ariel imagery for FSX (sources, making of, etc…)?
    I am/might make KCCR for FSX and I just thought I’d ask for tips if you have any to share.

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