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Monthly Archives: June 2008

I needed to create a police car for the mission but didn’t feel like creating another car model. So I took the texture of the sports car and did some magic editing to it and turned it into a police car! Take a look. Don’t worry, the police car model has lights on it. I think this is how I am going to make different color cars now! It worked pretty good.


The Mission is almost done but still need a good amount of time to clean it up and make it look good. Video could be coming soon but it’s near the forth of July and I have a firework show to set up so this up coming week so I am not going to spend much time on this. Perhaps the week after.  



These last 2 days I’ve been using the object placement tool to build my mission. At first I was getting extremely annoyed with it because it’s kind of confusing at first – It would not do what I would want it to do. And I kept getting lost in all my triggers and stuff. Now I’m starting to get a feel for it. At last! It’s almost like making a movie but only in a 3d World. I am starting to do some cool stuff with it.  I can’t wait tell I finish this. It’s going to be Awesome!  You’re going to be amazed!


I think it is only going to be a Beta version of the mission though – because I’m not quite done with the scenery part. I just need to get a mission out as soon as possible.



My friend Kyle has a sweet audie at his house so we took some pics today and i put it into flight sim!
Model doesn’t have tires yet – thats why the tires look flat.
 kyles car

Alright, these past couple days I’ve been cranking out model after model. I’ve made a few trees, cars (different sorts), buildings and started placing a new highway which takes forever because I have to place tile after tile. I need to get a mission out by next week – Saturday the 28th for a reason I am not going to mention yet. Anyways, hopefully my hard work will pay off. Stay tuned! Here is another pic i’ll add really fast:

  FlightSim Police station 


In a police mission you need a nice home base for your helicopter. So I made a quick police station with a helipad today!, here is a quick pic:
Alright – I’ll keep the blog updated. I so badly want to work more on this project but can’t since my life is constantly busy. I was thinking about how I want to make this mission unique from all other missions. I came up with the idea that I want to try to get it to look and feel like you are in an intense story. I want it to feel like your playing a script of a action movie (If you ever played Call Of Duty 4 that’s what I’m talking about – they do the best I’ve seen). Its going to be hard but with lots of practice with the Mission Creation Tool I think I can be fairly creative with it. This process will begin next week when school is finally out. Keep in touch!