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Monthly Archives: July 2008

I am getting reports that the mesh is not working. People say the ground polygons are covering the custom created road. Also reports that the helicopter starts out above or below the police station. If you are having this problem or anyother problem please let me know. I am not sure if everyone is expericing this same thing. You can let me know by responding to this post or emailing me at .
Alright, I have a rough draft of the mission complete. I uploaded it to avsim. Its called Mission Impossible (Preview /Beta1) – FSX Police Chase Mission. You can download it here: 
As of now the mission is fairly simple with not much scenery. Overtime I want to make the mission much more complex with amazing scenery. But we can only go one step at a time. I hope you enjoy what I’ve done so far. You can add questions, leave suggestions and comments under this post or email me at
I had to create different color cars for the traffic on the road! I’ve changed my plan a little. Right now i am working a seperate mission that only contain traffic moving on the custom made highway. Then using this i will add the remainder of the Police Chase Mission. There is still tons of work to get done so i don’t think this will be out for another two weeks or so.
And speaking of pretty colors, check out my 4th of July Firework show. It was Crazy! Took a lot of work to set this up and i did it all on the 4th. Check out my youtube channel (found on the side in "Cool Links") if you want to see more on the show :