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Don’t believe it? I can’t quite comprehend it myself either. For those of you that don’t know, ACES studio is the Microsoft studio that produces Flight Sim, Train Sim, and ESP. Currently I am hired as a contract worker helping the team – and it’s a dream come true! How I got the job? – Well, thats a bit of a long story but all I can tell you it is the most wonderful stroke of luck I could have ever imagined and it’s going to change my life forever!!! Anyways, this past week I’ve spent my first 3 days at the studio getting set up, getting to know the team/people, learning the building/ campus at Microsoft and the horrible traffic on the way home (uhgg!). But now that I sit here, Friday evening, after all that has happened this week I am quite literally stunned at what I’ve experienced so far! I mean, if you think about it, I was a huge fan of flight sim before I got this job. I followed about every developer blog there was, checked the various flight sim forums every day to see what was going on, and spent a lot of time creating my own stuff with the sim and for the sim. Then today it really hit me! I was sitting at a meeting with the team today and realized I am listening to the people who’s blogs I’ve been reading, who’s post I’ve seen on the forums and the actual people who make this incredible game! Not only that, I was listing to the actual politics that I once was speculating on the forums – about how the team was structured and if they can pull off a great game next time. That pretty much blew my mind. And is still blowing my mind!


So, just to inform you all! I am part of the team and going to do my very best to help make a simulator like you have never seen before!


As for the project i was working on (the reason I started this blog) – I’m going to have to drop it! I’m sorry



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