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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Darn, my most viewed video on youtube got taken down due to a copyright claim on the "I get knocked down" song. Shooot! Oh well, I guess I knew it could happen. That was an awesome song, not to mention video! The video still exist but I replaced the song with youtube built in audio switch with the song Higher by Creed. But of coarse it doesn’t fit like  Tubthumping by Chumbawamba.   Oh well. Life is unfair sometimes, I will move on 😦

I finally put together a video for this mission like i said i would! If you know me i get carried away with the video editing and end up making it way too exciting or more than its meant to be. Thats just me having fun Wink I probably spent like 8 times the amount of time I did creating the music/ video then I did creating the actual mission. So before I release the mission I just want to add more stuff to it to make it better because right now it’s pretty bland and boring. And please bug me to get it out because I might get lazy and never get to it. Confused


Pretty cool I made that music though, hu? I should make more songs Smile