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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Well, as you have probably heard already, Microsoft decided to slash ACES studio. So that means I no longer have a job along with another 150 coworkers who also made up the studio. Uuhhhggg! Even though this was a dream job I have learned a lot from it and it has changed the better part of me.


That day, and the day after of hearing the news it felt like a very bad dream! A dream that I wanted to wake up from but couldn’t. Just a second ago I was in a game studio creating some amazing content with the most optimistic and creative people I’ve ever met and then “BANG” everyone got shot in the gut a told this was their last day. And the work that has been done is just going to get tossed in the trash! Very hard to comprehend and it took a while for my head to rap around the grim reality. Even though there was talk that some kind of reorg was coming, I never thought in my wildest dreams that Flight Sim was going to be cut. But for some reason the worse scenario came true. It was pretty sad watching everyone pack-up with their heads down – not believing what just happened. But the following day (Friday) was more of a celebration then sorrow. Being the kind of people that made up this studio everyone popped up their heads and looked toward the bright side. I guarantee that everyone who worked there is going to be able to find another job. And they know better to not get discouraged and to keep moving forward. And that’s what I will do as well!


I’ve learned alot about how the software development world works now. And I have a much better understanding of what I have to do to get back into it. My plan is to go back to school starting spring quarter. I Need 3 more classes to finish my AA. Once done and summer starts I will either try to find a new job, create my own job, or try and get a scholar ship to Art Institute, Vancouver Film School, Digipen, or take some Certificate classes at UW. I am leaning more toward a project based school then just a University. I tend to get a little lazy when taking various classes I don’t really give a hoot about! What I like is; I like having a project in front of me, with an idea and concept in my head, then going through various sprints and exercises to turn my ideas into reality.


While unemployed I am trying to do some self projects on my own. Add some more projects to my prortfolio. Some ideas are Creating a high fidelity Mission in honor of Flight sim, Get my own website up and running using silverlight, and create some animations using 3ds max. I bought 3ds max (student Verson) just before my I got laid off. So right now I am messing with the program to create my logo animation. (Don’t expect anything amazing being im just starting out with this program).  I’ve seen some cool things done with 3ds max and I want to try and do some awesome things as well!


Anyways, thanks for reading and I wish you all the best of luck in these tuff economic times!