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Monthly Archives: April 2009

I haven’t posted in a while so I think it’s time!

 I just want you to know I’ve been keeping busy after leaving ACES. This is what I’ve been up to:

I bought a $1,200 laptop and started playing with 3DS max after getting laid off. 3DS Max has always caught my attention and I wanted to learn more. I have experience modeling in “gmax” but 3DS Max is 100 times better. I created this cool little logo animation with Fireworks- it took me about a week! Sipos Studios –Yah!

Now I have a better understanding of how 3DS max works- at least somewhat! I also got accepted into an already in progress 3D animation coarse at UW. It’s a certificate class so at the end I hope to be a 3D certified animator! This class is a lot of work though. The teacher said he’s surprised they let me in this late. I basically have to make a character within a week when the students had all last quarter to do it. Also have to learn zbrush to make high polygon models. This program looks amazing and can’t wait to learn more. Should be interesting!  Class is also right up my alley and I love going to the UW campus. Lots of awesome people there!

I’ve also been working on a little 3D short animation with a couple friends that go to the Art Institute. We probably won’t get it finished till End of April or perhaps later. We all are kind of lacking the time to put work into it – but we are committed to it and won’t give up on it!  

That’s not all, I’m taking a class back at the Community college. I am retaking programming 143 to get a better grade. Last time I didn’t do so well.  Data structures, link lists, trees, collections, recursion… if you’re a programmer you know what I’m talking about. I really dislike this stuff but I feel I have to learn it. Should do a lot better this time around now that I’ve seen it for the second time.  And a tennis class – haven’t got to play tennis yet because the weathers been so crappy here. Heck it was snowing on Wednesday. And its spring??? Anyways I’m undecided which school to go to after this quarter. I could transfer to UW Bothell and do more programming but programming really bogs me down and I’m not that amazing at it. Like I said before I’m a big picture sort of guy, and I don’t like spending hours trying to make one little piece of code run that hardly does anything… So I’ve also been looking at the Art Institute Seattle. I got to get a tour around that school from an advisor. Looks like an excellent school with lots of motivate people. It seems like I could be good at a lot of the stuff they do there.  I don’t we’ll see…

And of coarse I’m not giving up on Flight Sim! For about a month now I’ve been working on an F-18 blue Angel Training Mission with Mike Simburger – who was also a contractor at ACES studio. I really think this mission could be quite successful. I’m already addicted to playing it! I will post some screen shots when we get close to finishing up. Mike is working on the scenery. It takes place in Hawaii and mike is laying down some satellite imagery and changing some scenery data here and there. I’ve been working on it here and there – about 20 hours a week. We’ve come up with a clever way to teach people on the fly on how to operate the aircraft (displays which controls and instruments to look at).  I think people should enjoy it quite a bit! A lot more to show you in a later post though!