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While working on the F-18 mission as well as my 3D stuff, I’ve learned a thing or two about the process of storytelling. The first thing I’ve learned is it’s not easy! It’s hard to make a good story, and make it appealing to watch – or play. With my 3D stuff we have to create a 3D animatic of a real life story we came up. We had to tell the story like 5 times in front of a group of people and each time try and make it more detailed and appealing to the listener. Then we had to take our story and turn it into a script with detailed descriptions of how we plan to do our shots. Now I’m working of creating the shots. The shots are supposed to be extremely simple (blocked out) with simple geometry. But of coarse I got sidetracked into making visually appealing which is a bad habit of mine. I always get caught up in the details instead of letting it go and keep blocking my scene out. My teacher and I had a discussion about this. He stated how important it is to throw your ideas together really fast then go back and work on the details. Which is a simple concept, but nothing I took very seriously. Now I’m sitting here at midnight rendering and trying to finish my scenes for tomorrow because I spent too much time trying to make stuff more visually appealing. And of course with more detail it takes a lot more time to render! So now I’ve decided to take out the visual stuff for now and just get it blocked out. Hehe. Dam– he was right!

So lessoned learned, the preliminary work that goes into preproduction is actually a very important step. Get your ideas all sorted out, right the script, create a quick rough draft of your project then go back and add your changes and details. When you spend too much time on the details, and you get to the end and realize your story sucks then you have to scrap everything and start over again. Block it out first! 

Update: here is the stroy I threw together that night. Now I am going back and adding the more detailed models and textures.



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