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This week Mike and I took a good look into developing a data driven website using If we wanted to upload scores to our website we needed someway to develop an interactive website where you can register and manage your accounts and what not.


After playing around with it and watching some tutorial videos over at I must say ASP is some powerful stuff! You program in c# and it automatically creates the HTML and data driven related stuff. The way the databases are handled is fairly simple. You create a SQL database; create a table, then using a dataset object create the methods that manage your data. It looks like some fun stuff that im even tempted to play around with but Mike will be the one mostly responsible for the website related material.


I haven’t looked in on how to do this yet but hopefully there is a way to connect directly to our databases on the server then write scores directly over the internet. Something I have to look into this week…  


I also have been working on programming in C# for our external application that will be used for the score calculating. Reading events was easy to get working but getting simVar data from the sim into our application was a little trickier to set up. But I got it working and it will come in very helpful for our final product! For instance say we want to grade how well you keep a steady 15 degree turn during one of the maneuvers. Now we are able to capture your bank angle – let’s say every second, store that to a variable then once complete average it out to see how close you were to staying at 15 degrees.


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