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Friday August 14th :

This is when summer school ends and is my deadline for when the mission must be totally complete! Begin first time user tests of the alpha version. I have a couple friends lined up who want to play it.


Friday August 21:

Make any necessary changes and then record final dialog with the chosen actors.


Friday August 28:

Find a couple beta testers online willing to test the mission and make changes accordingly. The new ASP website should totally finished, purchacing system should be working and files should be ready to be accessed and downloaded.


September 4th:

The final date when the product is released and ready for download! My guess is we are probably going to sell the mission around $25.


And here, I just have to add this photo of the misson while in the mission editor – Show’s how crazy this mission is getting. It’s get’s fairly complicated when you have a ton of triggers and what not. But I developed good system to keep it all orginized.



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