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Ok, time for another update! Yes, this mission is taking forever but slowly this project continues forward! These past weeks I have been getting some good work done. I took the web development stuff in my own hands now and created my first site! I think it looks much better then the one we had before and now I have full control of when I want and need to post new content – and I know how it works. The domain is up but I don’t want to share it yet because I want to wait until it’s totally finished. I don’t want people creating accounts and trying to buy the product before it’s even done.  Learning how to make a website in visual studio using C# and asp was a whole new accomplishment of it’s own… I learned about master pages, css (cascading style sheets), user login controls, writing and connecting to databases ,the whole works! The way I see this project is it’s like a huge piece of portfolio work to stick in my portfolio. Web design, game design, 3d model design, video production, programming and scripting! I want to create this add-on so I can say to any future employers – hey, look at this game here at this website, yea, I mostly created it all! That would be really nice to have in my pocket.


These past two days I have been working on the security features of the application, so it’s hard for pirates to steal. I want to sell the mission somewhere in between 15- 20$ which I think will be a steel of a deal compared to other add-ons I see out there. Since my application is somewhat server based I decided to go this route. I created a startup screen that asks for your username and password, it then validates that against the free sky production database and logs you in! Down side is you need an internet connection to play, but if you’re going to be uploading scores and what not I think it’s a valid route to take. It really isn’t that much of a hassle to push login when the app starts!


Anyways, I’ll keep you posted as my progress slowly but surely moves along!


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