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First of all, the project is nearing a testable state. I will be ready to release a beta version in about two weeks from now (the week of October 12th). If you’re interested in beta testing the early version of this mission please email me at, leave a comment below this post, or message me. This is a very complicated mission and will need to be vigorously tested. I am going to estimate the beta (or I should call it alpha version) testing will last for a couple weeks. I will then work on patching the bugs then release another or perhaps two other test versions before I look into releasing the final version. I need a couple people with vast knowledge of FSX, a love for the Blue Angels and formation flying and a desire to help create one of the best FSX experiences ever released!


I’m not going to discussed any of the specifics about the actual content of the product yet. This is in part because I know for a fact it’s going to change before release. I’ve been working on this mission for a good 5 months and have changed the overall concept of the mission about 10 times! Yea, it’s kind of driving me nuts! I could have seriously released 10 different missions by now – each with different content, with all the work I’ve done so far. Id say 9/10th of the work I have done on this has been thrown in the garbage with 1/10 of it in the actual game right now! But this is what has to happen if one wants an actual good enjoyable game to play.


This has been a challenge, really testing my creative abilities on game design. Believe it or not the first concept of this mission did not involve the Blue Angels at all. The original idea was to create an F-18 training guide mission since the f-18 had no manual or anything. It did not involve using simconnect but only the default FSX mission system. Slowly the idea progressed to grading the user with c# programming and simconnect, then perhaps throw in some formation flying, and finally – why not create a mission for the famous Blue Angels! Which I always wanted to do in the back of my mind but thought it would be near impossible to do with the FSX mission system! If you ever watched the blue angels perform they do some crazy maneuvers, they have to be at certain points at certain times, they have to fly in formation, and much more. The ultimate question was how to I create a system to judge, perform and get a basic flight sim user to fly these maneuvers. This is what I have been working on and tweaking for the last couple months and it’s finally starting to look like this might work! I still got plenty of tweaking and reworking to do. This is why I am going to hold off on the feature set until I get a solid version of the program working – until it’s on pare with my standards, and my users standards!


Please, if you’re interested in testing; drop me a message telling me about yourself and why you would like to help test this mission.  Thank you!



  1. Hello Joey, I was looking for FSX Missions on the net and happened to come across your site. Very nice indeed as it sounds that you have a handle on a more technical aspect of mission building which is great indeed. There are many missions around however military creations are not really available per say and many of those that are around aren’t taking full advantage of FSX compared to what you are creating here. I am just a regular user of FSX and I am not developer, programmer etc however I have been flying flights sims now since around ’92 I believe going back to FS3.0. I was recently declared disabled and now have more time on my hands so flights are a constant daily with FSX for me nowadays. I’d like to help if I can as this is an extremely important project to you and to us here in simland. That’s if you think my input would be worthwhile. Thanks for the work you are doing and regardless if I "make the cut" so to speak I do look forward to seeing this product hit the streets. Thank you much my friend and best of luck in this endeavor!

  2. Hi pat, I would love for you to help test. I sent you a message with more details.

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