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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Ok, life has been kind of hectic at the moment, plus i’ve run into a some fairly large technical problems that need ironed out. Not only that I need to concentrate on my school work at the moment. This does not mean I’m no longer working on it, just can’t work on it as much as I have been at the moment. I posted a status update over on the FreeSkyProductions forums…


PROJECT STATUS UPDATE: I (main representative of Free Sky Productions) must inform you the current project is on hold right now. I have come to realize the amount of work required to get a company off the ground is just too much for me to handle at the moment. I’ve also run into a few technical issues that are really holding the project back as well (the reason for the beta not being released to the testers yet) – these are slowly getting worked out and I think they can be fixed. My personal life has also been very busy, I jumped back in school, taking three classes and this is dampening free time as well.


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