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Welcome to! If you’ve been following me then you know I’ve had this project in mind for a long time and now I finally have something to show! I sorta took a long break, dissapeared from the scene, but recently decided I needed to release some of the goodness I have stored on my hard drive! So this past month I threw together a quick mission with many of the same elements I had in my original project. But this time I kept in MUCH MUCH more simplified! The idea works great and it’s pretty fun to play as well!

This mission involves you flying in formation with the Blue Angels around NAF El Centro California. To play you have to register at, download the zip file. Install the mission and scenery and start the BlueAngelsChallenge.exe and let the fun begin!

The mission is a beta version meaning there will prob be some bugs discovered. So I invite you all to download the mission and test it out. It’s free… and not to mention one of the coolest experience you’ll ever have in FSX!



  1. The mission camt connect to fsx help plz

  2. It’s not my meaning to destroy what u just made here, but the formations are terrible, they fly really fly appart and not parralel at all….

    I actually flew 10 times as close to the lead as the other two jets…

    Dunno if that’s a bug or not, but it’s terrible…

    • The released version has much improved formations! Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Problems? I’m running Windows XP I just purchased and Downloaded the Mission this morning. Iv done all the installation instructions said to do. everything is good up to when it’s about to start. It starts me in the cockpit i can see Boss to my left everything seems good. but as soon as the camera view starts to pan away to the crowed it crashes and re-boots my computer?. only thing i can think of is some kinda bug in the VFP Application because iv try’ed the mission on its own without singing into VFP App. and it just tells me i’m not connected to sign into VFP and restart the mission to play. but it lets me fly around i can see the crowed take off from the active runway. just cant run the App after that point.. PLZ help!

  4. Just to add i am running Acceleration

  5. where is the support? not like this is freeware i payed money for this and it crashes my pc iv left message to Joeysipos iv gave it a couple days and no responds… iv posted everywhere i can to get a responds and nothing…? plz help

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