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  1. Oh yeaaaah! Looking good, Joey. 🙂

    May I suggest using Javier Fernandez’s freeware Nimitz, instead of the default carrier, if distribution isn’t an issue? Its visual model looks great and is highly detailed. Quite a good addon by many people’s standards.

  2. this is coolest thing i have done in 20 years of msfs playing…absolute best!!! keep up great work

  3. Hey Joey!

    First I must say, awesome Blue Angel mission! Maybe ten years ago or so I emailed Jane’s and EA Games asking them if they could create exactly what you have created and their response was to show them my programming ideas. I enjoy working with computers, but I don’t have any knowledge in programming! So thank you so much for bringing that idea into reality!

    I was thinking yesterday that it would be a lot of fun also to have an official Virtual Blue Angels team. Maybe a team per season or something like that. Then possibly have multiplayer shows where the virtual team performs… maybe even somehow in front of a live audience! I have no idea if these things are even currently possible, but if you like them great!

    Aside from Blue Angels, maybe having Naval Air Wings might be fun? If you’re going with the USS Nimitz, maybe the Sidewinders and the Black Aces (for those with Superbug) could be the squadrons. Possibly even have the logistics, airborne early warning, and the anti-submarine squadrons also! These would probably be multiplayer base missions also, so again, I don’t know if any of it would even be possible.

    Hope you like the ideas! I have many more if you’re interested. Excited to see what you put up next!

  4. Joey, I downloaded the B/A challenge but when I, try 2 play it only my plane is on the runway. The other 3 jets and the crowd are not there any advice thanks ……Terry

    • Hi Terry, Do you get any dialog stating you need to start the app and press “Connect to FSX” to play? Or do you get the radio chatter of the Blue Angels?

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