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Monthly Archives: October 2012

So, I am taking a break from Flight Simulator at the moment and doing something completely different! You might not know this, but I worked for Microsoft Flight for 2 years. I was one of two/ three game designers of the project and my job was to build missions. Most of the custom missions in the game were built by me. We used the in house mission editor and Lua Scripting to do some real cool things! Anyways, as most of you probably know, the game went down the sh*t hole August of 2012. Which is a shame because there was some powerful technology in that game. It had a lot of potential, and if only 3rd parties could get a hold of it – uggg. So for a change of pace, I decided to focus on web development, as I’ve had some ideas in my mind! . Yes, that is the name of the site I am working on. What is it? And what does it do? Well, let me explain. When I got to thinking, I wanted to work on a project that has a huge audience. Why a large audience? First of all, I think that was the main problem with Microsoft Flight. The target market – “gamers” (don’t ask me why we decided to target gamers as I will never come to fully understand that decision either???) was not enough to support the game. Also, to play Microsoft flight, you needed a PC, plus good hardware, plus Games For Windows Live plus an internet connection to find it and download it. Not only that, you had to get the whole installation process with DLC downloads and product keys and what now. That cuts out a whole lot of people! People with mac’s, mobile devises, old computers and people who don’t have fast internet. I hope that someday, Microsoft Flight Simulator will have a comeback, and decide to target the audience who actually wants to simulate real aviation. I believe it is in the realm of possibilities, but at the moment, I must stay busy with something!

So what platform has the largest audience in the world? The internet of course!  Then I thought, what are the most popular things on the internet? YouTube, and Facebook! Why not combine their goodness? is a site designed to connect you and all your friends to the largest video database in the world – YouTube. There have been a couple situations where I am at a party/ event and we all start playing music videos for music. That’s when it came to me, why is there not an app for this? Where we can just find each other music all in one place? So after I got laid off from Microsoft, and took a long vacation…I perused the idea!

The facebook app is built using, C#, html 5 and javascript! It was an interesting ride developing this site, but it was good practice before I try and find a job in the industry doing this.

Now this is where I need your help. I am in the beginning phases of building a fan base. My target market is probably younger people, and I know not a lot of simulator fans are young and not into music so much, but I need help spreading the name!  If you could please try it out and post your feedback here that would be wonderful!

And please like the facebook page here:

You can go to the website and try it here:

Thanks for your time and appreciate your help! I hope something arises in the future for Flight Simulator as that passion for simulation will always be in my blood.