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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Hey, Haven’t posted here in years! Thought I would do a quick update. After working on Microsoft Flight and I got caught up creating some cool stuff for Redbird Flight Simulations. Long story short, I help develop a scoring system for their large simulators that graded flight maneuvers as you performed them. Such as Takeoff, Landing and Steep Turns. We presented a their Migration Conference in Austin Texas and it was a huge hit. So huge we had investors knocking at our door. Unfortunately at this time I became severely ill from a long term immune disorder so I had to drop out. There was also some disagreement in the direction they wanted to make us go. But from what I can see Redbird is still using this technology in their latest sims.

Anyways I am now working on a new project again entitled Basically you create a Stamp Book of all the awesome places you have been. People can see where you have left stamps and interact with you, such as add you as a friend or add a comment. Feel free to check it out if you time.